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白髪山ふれあいの村休養センター (Shiragayama Fureai no Mura Kyuyo Center)

休養センター バンガロー

ご案内 (Introduction)


Shiragayama Fureai no Mura Kyuyo Center is located in Fuyunose, an area that encompasses the upper reaches of the Asemigawa River, with a beautiful view of Kishi-tsutsuji (Rhododendron ripense Makino) flowers in spring and autumn-colored leaves in fall. In summer, many families visit the area to enjoy fishing and swimming in the gorge. The area also features events such as a marathon along the clearwater stream as well as the Kishi-tsutsuji Experience Tour.

冬の瀬 冬の瀬 冬の瀬

施設・備品 (Facilities and equipment)


The center offers overnight accommodations (4 rooms), a kitchen (coin-operated gas range, dishes and utensils), a BBQ hut (3 grills), 2 bungalows (for 4~5 people each), 4 tent sites, an open area (auto campers and others can freely choose where to pitch their tents), rental tents, a bathing facility, an outdoor cooking site, stoves, bedding (pillows, covers, blankets, and futon mattresses), and toilets (flush and non-flush).

休養センター バンガロー

宿泊料金 (Accommodation fees)

  区分 単位 使用料(税込)
休養センター 小・中学生 1人1泊 600円
高校生以上 1人1泊 1,200円
キャンプ場 バンガロー(4,5人用) 1棟1泊 4,500円
テントサイト 1張 2,500円
フリーサイト(オートキャンプ利用可) 1張 1,200円


  Category Unit Fee (Tax included)
Kyuyo Center Elementary and middle school students Per person/night 600 yen
High school students and adults Per person/night 1,200 yen
Camp Site Bungalows (4~5 people) Per bungalow/night 4,500 yen
Tent sites Per tent 2,500 yen
Open area (auto camping allowed) Per tent 1,200 yen

利用料金 (Charges)

区分 単位 使用料(税込)
休養センター(宿泊外利用) 1部屋 300円
調理室 1日 300円(食器など設備使用料含む)
バーベキューハウス 1ブース毎  1,200円
浴室 1人1回  300円(管理人在宅時)
寝具、毛布等 1組  1,500円
ストーブ 1回  500円


Category Unit Charge (Tax included)
Kyuyo Center (daytime use) Per room 300 yen
Kitchen Per day 300 yen (including use of kitchen goods)
BBQ hut Per grill 1,200 yen
Bathing facility Per person/use 300 yen (available only when manager is on duty)
Bedding, blankets, etc. Per set 1,500 yen
Stove Per use 500 yen

その他 (Other information)


*Charges for tents, tent sites and bungalows include use of the kitchen (except for the coin- operated gas range), kitchen utensils and dishes, and the bathing facility.
*Charges for the BBQ hut include use of the kitchen (except for the coin-operated gas range), kitchen utensils and dishes.
*The open area can also be used for auto camping.


周辺施設・アクティビティ情報 (Facilities and activities in the area)


Outdoor Village Motoyama, located adjacent to Motoyama-cho Kizenzan Park, offers a variety of activities, including water sports such as kayaking and rafting. There are also trekking and cycling activities as well as tours to climb nearby Mt. Shiragayama.
Please check the link below for more information.

アウトドアヴィレッジもとやま アウトドアヴィレッジもとやま
Outdoor Village Moyoyama Outdoor Village Moyoyama


アクセス (Access)


Take the highway exit at Otoyo Interchange and make a left at the first traffic light.
Cross the Tosa Motoyamabashi Bridge and then turn right following the arrow sign.


問い合わせ先 (Contact)

Tel: 0887-82-1588
Other questions
Town Development Promotion Division
Tel: 0887-76-3916 Fax: 0887-76-2943